Why real estate investors are easier to sell to

Selling a house in the real estate retail market is quite a challenge and particularly so in recent times. With the market now rapidly and continually changing, what was formerly an ideally easy house to sell may as well not be now!

Homeowners coordinating to market their homes, unfortunately, have to bear the burden that accompanies such market fluctuations. What’s more, if there are particular reasons that are dragging the sale process of a given home, like requiring repairs, the wait to sell can drag along for months if not years which is an eternity as compared to http://houstoncapitalhomebuyers.com/.

Nonetheless, despite not being a popular option, there is an easier way out for homeowners looking to sell their property-real estate investors! Selling a house to real estate investors can be quick, more profitable, and most importantly easier! Yes, real estate investors are easier to sell to, and here is why:

#1 Fast Closing

Remarkably, investors can close in a very short time-sometimes even mere days! According to various mortgage reports, standard mortgages usually take approximately 45 days to close and VA and FHA even taking much longer. On the contrary, because investors have total control of their cash reserves, as soon as a deal has been struck, what remains is just the wiring of funds-which can take just a few days. This is often as a result of the fact that besides offering readily available cash, investors can also take the property in its current state. With the fast closing, sellers are effectively relieved of on-going expenses such as insurance, and taxes among others.

#2 Sell “As-Is” Option

One of the other key reasons why it is easier to sell to investors is that they can accept the said property ‘as-is’. What this means is that you need not inject any more funds into the property before closing. Not only does this save you a significant amount of expenses, but it also saves you the time otherwise needed to make the necessary ‘renovations’ to market the property. Often, most homes need to polish up and bring in several items in order to get a buyer. Some of these concerns include HVAC replacements, electrical and plumbing repairs, not to mention new roofs among others. Although such updates are essential when selling to traditional buyers-especially if they are using loans- not with investors!

#3 Multiple Payment Options

What payment option do you most prefer? Is it cash, pre-scheduled payments (cash), absorption of the existing mortgage, or certified funds? Real estate investors are usually flexible in accommodating your preferred payment methods. In some cases, they not only offer flexible payment options, but also provide you with additional services like clearing titles, cleaning of the house, and much more.

#4 Little or No Negotiations

Unlike traditional buyers, real estate investors are customarily looking to close deals as fast as possible and get on to the next one. As such, once they have assessed the property and it fits their requirements, they are quick to make an offer-without obsessing on minute details. This is particularly great news since homeowners are able to avoid the tussles of participating in lengthy negotiations for a price-as is common with other sale options such as selling to a traditional buyer.

Wrap Up:

There are various options a homeowner can use to
sell their property, but undoubtedly, there is no easier one than real estate investors. Not only do they offer flexible payment options, but they also buy property regardless of its state or accompanying expenses-factors that usually make property sales difficult.