What are LED Demon Eyes for cars?

Car admirers have always been on hunt for the best options available in the marketplace to accent their cars. One such feature has been talk of the town for a long time. Want custom work to be done on your headlights? The answer is the LED demon eyes – its popularity has been on rise since its release. It has attracted many car enthusiasts due to its being different from the conventional headlights of every other car on the street.

With a number of companies coming up with unique LED demon eye designs, the number of options available have ballooned. They come in a variety of colors example the RGB LED demon eyes where one can toggle between multiple colors like red, green or blue light. In case you do not want the hassle of changing the colors all the time and want a particular color for your car headlights, that is too available in the market as single color demon eye. They often come with a multiple function remote controller, a Wi-Fi controller or even a smartphone application which allows the user to totally customize the effects and even provides the ability to control the following:

1) Brightness
2) Colors
3) Strobe Effects (refers to producing regular flashes of lights).

How to choose between multi-color and single color LED demon eyes?

It is pretty simple. Just understand if you are actually going to use the variety of colors provided by a multi-color LED demon light. If you want to stick to a particular color, as it goes well with your car aesthetics, go for the single color LED demon eyes. Set it up once and forget about the color changing mechanisms at https://www.diodedynamics.com/specialties/led-demon-eye.html.

What is required to install LED demon eyes?

The demon eye installation requires the headlight to already contain a projector or a projector has to be installed into the housings. The main purpose behind the demon eyes is to enhance the appearance of the car, purely for aesthetics and hence the design cannot single-handedly emit sufficient light for driving purposes. Usually the demon eyes are mounted inside the projector. It is independent of the regular car headlight and doesn’t affect the light output of the driving light.

How to install LED demon eyes?

Earlier installations of demon eyes were complex requiring do-it-yourself wiring from the user’s side , but now the systems have been simplified and improvised, so now its just Plug and Play. Follow the below mentioned steps and you are ready to go:

1) Take out the front glass of your projector headlights carefully.
2) Take the LED strip, place it around in a circle on the inside housing of the projector headlights.
3) Pull the LED wires out through the housing and screw the front glass back.
4) Plug the LED demon eyes to the module box ensuring that the wire colors match on both the adapters. Ensure that all the connections are in place.
5) Connect the red wire to a 12V power source (the fuse box,the parking or side marker lamp etc).

Voila! you are done with installing the LED demon eyes.