What are air plants

The plants are amazing and our customers often say it best.

With more than 500 species in the New World, aerial plants have something for everyone. There are small Ionantha peanuts and huge specimens of Xerographica with flowers that reach four or five feet! There are modern and formal species like amethyst and unique looking plants like.

The aerial plants are even more surprising, as they can be shown in an infinite way. Potted plants cannot be hung upside down on the stone, ceramic, wooden or plastic sculptures, but aerial plants can be represented in many ways with the proper care. Many people turn them into beautiful crowns, plant sculptures, and even jewelry. They can be glued, wired or tied to almost anything. I have seen the most beautiful small air plants attached to wine corks and displayed in refrigerators with magnets. Of course, like Meghan, many people make a real statement with their plants on the wedding day. Xerographica has become very popular as bridal bouquets and as a beautiful centerpiece. Smaller aerial plants make beautiful booties for handsome men at the wedding party.

What do plants mean for people living in urban environments? They are just a green and/or colorful entity that fills the sidewalks and gardens. They show their beauty at the beginning of spring and further in summer, leaving us with a somewhat oppressive appearance of a lifeless appearance without life in autumn and winter.

So what happens if we are introduced to the robust air system throughout the year? The world is probably not ready to fly plants. Fortunately, this is simply a name and not a description of what plant species really do. In other words, aerial plants do not fly through the air.

What exactly are air plants?

The aerial plants are a type of epiphyte, which means they do not need soil to grow. You need a support platform to grow. Although the air plant needs a base to grow, it is not like a parasite. The plant gets its nutrients from the airborne particles of moisture and dirt. The roots of plants are mainly used as a means to adhere to a carrier object. The aerial plant occurs mainly in the tropical forests of South America and other warm climates.

The sunlight needs the plant

If you are bred as a houseplant, you can add a nice decorative element to any living space. This is not a typical plant that you will find in every city. As with other plants, sunlight is an important factor in the growth of the plant. The light for this plant can be artificial light or natural sunlight. The air plants enjoy direct sunlight but do not leave them in them for as long as their leaves will burn.

Avoid mistakes during the summer

Artificial lighting is a safer way to keep your plant healthy during the summer season. Compared to other plants you need a high water absorption. This does not mean you have to immerse yourself in water for a long time.