The perfect trim

At one moment in life, for each man, there appears the problem of arranging the beard. For some of us, this problem is an early one, and it makes his presence felt in our early puberty, while for others, this matter cease to appear until late 20s or something like this. But, for certain, all of us should be aware that our beards should be good looking, and in order for this to happen, we have to use the most professional trimmers that exist. One of  them, is brought to us by the giant Phillips and it is presented under the face of the Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200. This is a last generation trimmer that helps a man to give his beard the form that he wants with less effort and with more precision, making the trimming process a pleasure, not a burden, as it used to be a while ago.

The details’ precision put at stake by this new trimmer is at 0.5mm, so if there is an extravagant shape that you want to build your beard into, now you can do it, with Phillips newest release. Not only that, but there will be no more visible inequalities in your facial hair, so it will look perfect for every occasion, giving the impression of a true man, who loves his beard and who loves taking care of it, small details included, especially the beard balm

The material used for building the blades is a stainless blade, so that someone using this trimmer may not worry about the corrosion of the blade, and the early defections that usually appears in the blades with frequent usage. The design of the blades allows also for a faster and o irritation’ trimming. Their double sharpening is in such way designed, so that the blades can cut more hairs in a pass, and there will be no need for numerous passes through the same part of the beard, to give it, the wanted length. Also, the blade’s shape and construction lifts the hair in the trimming process, and, with the help of the rounded comb incorporated, the trim will be more even.

The cleaning after the trimming may present an issue sometimes, even more if the mess left after finishing it, is large. Having this trimmer, you can forget about the hard cleaning, as the architecture of the Phillips new trimmer involves a fan system that may catch up, up to 90% of the hair left after the trimming. The cut hair is kept in a hair chamber until the end of the process, and after that, it is recommended to be emptied and brushed away with the tools that came at the same time with the trimmer.

The 80 minutes cordless functioning allows the user to spend as much time as he wants to arrange his beard in a perfect way, and the 1 hour charging time, permits to use it without a long preparation time.

With all the features presented, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 is easily a last generation trimmer, and should be part of any man shaving kit.