Helping your dog living with cancer

When you hear the unsettling news that your favorite companion and best friend is diagnosed with cancer your stomach may turn your mind starts racing. Well there is actually a lot more help out there then you may think when this happens. Much like when a human is diagnosed with cancer there are a handful of treatment options out to help cure and make your animal live the best and longest healthiest life it can. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the typical treatments. Some of the newer methods of treatments for dogs would be immunotherapy and others shown on the blue buffalo instagram.

Though as with anything medical nothing is 100 percent so caring for your dog through these times is most important. Make sure that they always feel as safe and secure as possible they may be afraid and in more pain then you can realize just from their outside appearance so making sure they still feel the love and care they need is key.

As dogs have a great sense of their owners moods/actions it is also important to make the absolute best energy and mood when around your animals. Though it is much easier said then done it is nonetheless important to try your best as this will translate to how your animal feels. Paying close attention to them for signs of pain or discomfort so that you can adjust to the needs of the pet. For example maybe the way they would normally lay down in their beds could possibly end up putting them in pain. Or a certain way they are walking these are just examples of course as paying very close attention to all the details of your animal is very important.

As again with humans just because we are eating higher end foods does not necessarily mean we are acquiring all the nutrition our bodies need to promote healthy living. It is important for your animals to be eating correctly with a low carbohydrate diet while ensuring they are consuming high proteins and fatty acids. It is important to understand you are responsible to be the one who communicates with your vet with questions, odd behavior, eating problems anything out of the ordinary or even the positive things. As your dog cannot speak you have to be there voice for them throughout their entire life. Even if you are unsure of what to feed them or what sort of dietary supplements to be giving them.

That is just very important to understand even if your animals are in perfect health. Not everyone is able to throw out the money needed for chemotherapy and whatever new surgery’s and treatments are to come out in the future and just because you may not have upwards of five thousand dollars does not mean you should not still take care of the animal like they are your best friend. The end of the day making them as comfortable as possible and enjoying every day to the fullest with them is the most important thing for them through these rough times of their life.