Get to know common electronic components

You are beginning to develop a hobby in electronics or you have interest in starting a small business, either in selling electronic components or making electronic kits for sale, but you don’t know the electronic components you should always have at hand for daily use or the ones that sell like hotcakes. Here, we have saved the day for you by providing you with a list of the most common electronic components fromĀ Direct Components and other large providers.

The Most Common Electronic Components

The demand for electronic components depends on their applications. Nevertheless, here is a list of the most common electric components you always need to have in stock:

1. Resistors
A resistor is a device with two connectors. They are used to control the flow of electric current, for regulating signal levels, controlling circuit functions, biasing active elements, dividing voltages and terminating transmission lines. Resistors come with different types and values, but the most common ones are the E24 series in the range of 1.0 to 9.1 ohms.

2. Capacitors
A capacitor is a device, like a battery, used for storing electric charges, but with a low storage capacity. It consists of at least a pair of electrical conductors that are separated by an insulator. Capacitors exist in different forms, styles and lengths, and they are made of different materials, and with different capacities. The most common capacitors include ceramic capacitors, polymer capacitors, film and paper capacitors, variable capacitors and tantalum capacitors with the most common values between 0.1 and 0.33 microFarad, and between 10 and 33 microFarads.

3. Transistors
A transistor, also called reactor, choke or coil, is a semiconductor device with three connections. It is used for amplifying the electronic signals and electric power, and it is also used for switching and rectification. Transistors come in two major configurations, a Negative-Positive-Negative (NPN) type and Positive-Negative-Positive (PNP) type. The most common transistors are the NPN transistors.

4. Inductors
An inductor is an electronic component with two terminals. It stores energy when an electric current flows through it, but it stores the energy in a magnetic field. An inductor consists of a core around which an insulated wire is wound. The most common inductors are the iron core types.

5. Diodes
A diode is a two-terminal electrical component that allows the flow of electric current in one direction. The most common diodes are the semiconductor diodes, among which light emitting diodes (LEDs) and photodiodes are the commonest.

6. Integrated Circuits
An integrated circuit (IC), also called microchip or chip, consists of a set of the electronic circuit built on a small flat semiconductor material. Microchips are versatile. The most common ones are the 555 timer chips used in making LED flashes, speaker tones and as a signal generator.

7. Relays
A relay is an electrical switch. Relays are commonly used where various circuits have to be controlled by a switch. The most common relays are electrochemical relays, FET relays, reed relays and solid state relays.

8. Wires
Electrical wires or cables consist of one or more filaments that are used for conducting electricity from one point to another. The most common electrical wires are the copper cables.

With this list, you won’t be stocking your place with unnecessaries and you will not be frequenting the market. Ultimately, you will save your wallet from electrical stocks that may, in the long run, become wastes.