Air Conditioner Repair Cost

Its all nice to have appliances at home, that keep us comfortable. But if they break down at any time the repairing costs could set us off by a good amount.

An air-conditioner is an appliance which most of us cannot do with. It keeps us cool in the summers and hot in the winter. It keeps the dust out.

But what about the money you have to spend to repair them, if they ever break down. How much is the money we will have to shell out to get it back in action with a company like a/c repair cypress tx?

How do you know that your air-conditioner needs to be repaired? What are the common complaints?

1. Your air-conditioner is not working at all – anything could be wrong from a breaker-trip to wrong setting of the thermostat. Check all before you call the technician

2. You can hear the machine working, but you don’t feel the cool – your home is warm despite having set the thermostat at the right temperature

3. Your machine makes strange noises – Noises are common, but when you hear abnormal sounds it is time to call the experts.

4. There is bad smell coming from your unit – Most likely there is dust, mildew or mold inside the unit. This could pose a health risk.

5. Your air-conditioner is turning on and off more frequently than it should to adjust to the temperature.

6. Water leak – If there is more than normal water leaking in and around your unit it could mean a danger. There are electrical units that need to be kept dry.

7. Your unit has ice build up or is frosty – Ice or frost is a problem that could indicate a blocked airflow.

It is not wise to postpone repairing your AC if you sense a trouble. It not means you spend warmer days in your house, but your electricity bills rise due to the machine working more to give you the same cooling. Moreover, keeping the machine running faultily could further damage the unit and make your repairs more expensive.

When you call your technician please ensure a few things. Ensure they have a license are certified by professional HVAC organizations. Find out what guarantees or warranties they will give for their work. You need to find out whether they have a 24-hour 7-day emergency service. Will they provide an estimate of the costs before they start work? Find out whether the company conducts background checks on their employees.

Once we know all these it is time to know how much on an average these repairs will cost you. See below the repairs normally your unit will undergo and what it will cost.

· Refrigerant leak detection and repair – $225 – $1600

· Refrigerant recharge – $160 – $400

· Circuit board Replacement – $120 – $600

· Replace fuses, circuit breakers or relays – $15 – $300

· Thermostat Replacement – $60 – $250

· A/C Compressor repair hard start kit – $100 – $250

· Capacitor or Contractor Replacement – $90 – $400

· Home air compressor replacement depending on size or type – $1350 – $1800

· Evaporator Coil Replacement – $650 – $1200

· Condensing unit fan motor replacement – $100 – $300

· Condensate pump replacement – $90 – $250

A regular check up call could vary from $80 to $175. This would depend on where you are located and what time of the year it is.

The above are broad outlines to go by. It is always to check before-hand and get referrals from your friends before you decide on whom to hire for the job.